WordPress Optimization – Jump start For Better Performance and Speed


WP optimizer

Consider this: Does your WordPress blog perform at its best? Can it be quick or sluggish? Please note that your website performance is one of the key factors in making certain the web browsers are receiving a good experience with your site. It is then worthwhile to invest some time tuning increase site for performance.

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Before optimization tips and tricks can be used effectively, you will find there’s need to measure the current performance of the site. It will be the baseline for you to benchmark figures to experience a comparison as you go along using your evaluation.

How to Study the Performance of a Site

1. Use YSlow Firefox add-on. This can be used to measure the page load use of a site. It analyzes webpages and suggests solutions to improve the performance depending on the rules set for high performance web pages. This is an integrated program using the Firebug web development tool this is why you have to get the Firebug add-on and after that install the YSlow add-on.

2. The volume of database inquiries which a webpage makes to load a page has an effect on the page load time. Use this piece of code inside the footer of your theme to learn the number of database queries a page is making:

Point to remember: Make sure the webpage just isn’t making any unnecessary database queries.

3. Utilize website speed tester to find out how fast your site loads.

4. Another: You can also use the stopwatch on Numion.com to try the loading speed of your respective site.

Now, optimize your WordPress. Start through assessment. Still search for approaches on what you can make the most out of the internet business world.

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